On May 1, 2010, three attorneys left their firm to form Wang Kobayashi Austin, LLC. The office first opened in a brick and timber loft in downtown Chicago with the mission to provide every employer with a trusted resource for employee benefits issues--a resource who possesses deep knowledge of the rules, regulations, and procedures that govern employee benefits and executive compensation.

The law firm was founded to focus exclusively on employee benefits and executive compensation compliance. Using their many years of experience, the attorneys serve as an invaluable representative and resource for employers offering benefits to their employees.

In 2018, the firm changed its name to Wang Austin LLC, and brought on a new partner, Katherine Costello. At the same time, one of the three founding partners joined a multinational consulting and benefits company to serve as the corporate employee benefits counsel.

The partners of Wang Austin LLC -- Stacey Austin, Katherine Costello, and Andy Wang -- have over 50 years’ combined experience in employee benefits and executive compensation law.